The Legacy


The stained glass windows, that are the crown jewels of the Chapel, are a gift of love donated by Henry Lovell Brooks. Johnie Lee Fain and Henry met through a mutual friend and fast became lifelong friends. Their simple, loving friendship has come to a grand finale with the union of the Chapel and the windows. Never has evidence of predestined purpose been so apparent as when one stands in awe of the windows' deep harvest of colors, augmented by the form and purity of light. They become a delicacy that nourishes the mind and soothes the soul.

The eight biblical windows were hand made in 1906 in Germany and depict a rich imagery of the lives of Christ, Mary, Joseph and St. Anne. The fact that this was the same year Johnie Lee Fain was born may be only coincidence, perhaps fate.

For more information about the history of the windows visit the Prescott Valley Historical Society's website.

When Chapel of the Valley was dedicated in 2002, its seating consisted of individual wooden chairs which proved to be not as durable as traditional church pews. The handcrafted hardwood pews former home had been in a Christian Science Church built in 1896, and were placed in the Chapel in November 2005.

Estey Reed Pipe Organ

The Chapel's Estey Reed pipe organ, circa 1877, was Henry Brooks' own. For many years, Henry Lovell Brooks had played this organ in his own home. Toward the end of his life, Henry felt the organ should become part of the Chapel, too. It was placed at the Chapel for Henry's memorial service held about three weeks after his passing on January 4, 2006.